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Maxwell Ashford is a British designer residing in Switzerland.

His practise revolves around the ecological impacts that accompany producing and consuming objects - centring on sustainable innovation.

By utilising new approaches, technologies, materials and systems, his work formulates into objects, innovation consultancy, and research, be-it research for exhibitions, conceptual exploration or simply as the underlying influence to all his work.

Maxwell is named on international patents and has achieved numerous awards. He was educated with a MA in Product Design from ECAL and a BA in Sustainable Product Design from Falmouth University.


Maxwell is actively working with clients, to enquire about his services please contact


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Select clients and collaborations:

Nike - Nike Grind
Wolf and Grizzly
Anniina Koivu
Vevey Image

Lectures and Teaching:

ECAL - [Cross Lecture]
ECAL / EPFL - [Lecture for sustainable design]
ABK Stuttgart - [4 day workshop]

Select Awards:

Swiss Design Award
Braun Design Prize
Japanese Good Design Award [G-Mark]
US Good Design Award
James Dyson Award Finalist
Nike Circular Innovation Award

Maxwell Ashford

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