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Maxwell Ashford is a British designer residing in Switzerland.

His practise revolves around the ecological impacts that accompany producing and consuming objects - centring on sustainable innovation.‍ 

By utilising new approaches, technologies, materials and systems, his work formulates into objects, innovation consultancy, and research, be-it research for exhibitions, conceptual exploration or simply as the underlying influence to all his work.‍

Maxwell is named on international patents and has achieved numerous awards. He was educated with a MA in Product Design from ECAL, graduating 2021, and a BA in Sustainable Product Design from Falmouth University, graduating 2016.‍ 

Since 2022 Maxwell teaches and lectures on sustainability at numerous European institutes, including the ECAL. He is visiting lecturer of Design for Sustainability at ABK Stuttgart. 


Maxwell is actively working with clients, to enquire about his services please contact


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Select clients and collaborations:

ABK Stuttgart
Anniina Koivu - V&A, Vitra, MAAT Lisbon
Nike - Nike Grind
Nov Gallery
MAAT Lisbon
Vevey Image
Wolf and Grizzly

Lectures and Teaching:

ABK Stuttgart:
Contemporary Fires Workshop w.Silvio Rebholz, 2021.
Visiting Lecturer Design for Sustainability, since 2022.

Cross Lecture, 2022.
Guest Lecturer, 'Continuing Education, Creative leadership' sustainability module 2022.

Design for Sustainability Lecture, 2021.

Select Awards:

Braun Design Prize, 2021.
James Dyson Award Finalist, 2021.
Japanese Good Design Award [G-Mark], 2019.
Nike Circular Innovation Award, 2018.
Swiss Design Award, 2022.
US Good Design Award, 2018.
Maxwell Ashford

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